Project work

The project work is a fundamental component of the OpenMed course, and is the main outcome that will be assessed by facilitators.

At the beginning of the course, learners will have to briefly define their projects, by setting the objectives, activities and expected results of the project.

At the end of each module, each learner will have to reflect on the five steps that he/she will take to transform his/her teaching practice by adopting open approaches.


The five steps are:

Project work Step 1: Make a pledge for opening up your course/teaching

Project work Step 2: Identify open licences that you will apply to your course/resources

Project work Step 3: Use OER in your course/teaching

Project work Step 4: Localise OER to your course/context

Project work Step 5: Develop an open teaching plan and share it with the community


Following completion of the five modules, learners will focus on their ‘project’, defining in detail how they intend to apply the knowledge achieved through the course in their daily teaching practices. The result(s) will be a Project Work Final Report, that will be evaluated by the Course Facilitators.


Project Work Final Report

The final project work  should report on the work done, by detailing the main achievements, the difficulties encountered, the main short term and long term benefits, and the strategy for the future development of the project.